How to Design a Custom Front Door

So you want to design a stunning, show stopping, curb-appeal-increasing front door but you have so many questions: What do I have it made of (iron, rich, mahogany glass)?  How long does it take to get the door made? Well, rest your spinning head, we've got you covered. Here are few things to think about:

keep in mind is the era of the home itself WHEN CHOOSING A style & material

It's not like you have to stay entirely true to period, but there are some general rules of thumb to choose a material.  Most homes have a specific era (mid-century modern, French country, ranch, etc.) or style of design (traditional, modern, transitional, contemporary, etc.), and the door design and material should fit that specific era or style.  That said, some homes can accommodate a range of door styles, but this can be a tricky thing to pick the right one. We know sometimes you like to go against type, but when it comes to your front door make sure you are complimenting the period. Want to be a little funky? Consider hardware that's unexpected like custom finished doorknobs or knockers.


The scale of the new door unit is key

Custom doors are great because you're not tied to the size of your current door. Is the current door to small, too big, not wide enough? Take a pic from the street and see how, in a perfect world, you would change it. Keep in mind your budget. When you start adjusting the width or height of the new door, there will be additional costs involved on top of the door itself.  So when you start planning, talk to your designer or contractor as your plan your design to keep track of your budget. Before you make a decision, see if you can have a rendering made that shows you how the new door will impact the curb appeal.


The typical lead time for a custom door can vary from 4 to 12 weeks and if you get really zany with handmade details, up to 16 weeks! So start your design process for a front door about four months before you need the door to get to the site. Make sure you build in time for installation: your builder or installer should give you an estimated time frame of when they need it so work backward from there. 

We love designing and installing custom doors! I have many years of experience in the custom door industry and will be your custom-door-design-Yoda, walking you through the process. Best part: you get to do the fun part designing, and we’ll handle the rest from demo up to the big reveal!
— Jeff Wilson